Project Management

Personal Project

A fullstack web application built with React, ApolloClient, GraphQL, Express, and MongoDB.

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In today’s world, efficient project management is key to success. A well-managed project not only ensures timely completion but also increases productivity and profitability. As a developer, I wanted to explore how technology can help in project management. This led me to build a fullstack web application using React, ApolloClient, GraphQL, Express, and MongoDB.

The application was built with the aim to learn and explore the ApolloClient framework, the GraphQL language, and the use of a NoSQL database in MongoDB through the use of an ORM in Mongoose. The frontend of the application was built with React, which is a popular and powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. With React, I was able to create a responsive and user-friendly interface.

For the backend of the application, I used Express, which is a popular Node.js framework for building web applications. I also used ApolloClient, which is a powerful state management library for managing the state of an application in real-time. With ApolloClient, I was able to fetch and manage data seamlessly.

One of the unique features of the application is the use of GraphQL, which is a powerful query language for APIs. With GraphQL, I was able to define the structure of the data needed for the application, which makes it more efficient and faster. This also allowed me to work with a modular architecture, making the application more flexible and easier to maintain.

Another key feature of the application is the use of MongoDB, which is a NoSQL database that allows for efficient and scalable data storage. With the use of an ORM in Mongoose, I was able to work with the database seamlessly, allowing me to store and retrieve data efficiently.

In conclusion, this project management application was an excellent exercise to explore and learn various technologies such as React, ApolloClient, GraphQL, Express, and MongoDB. With this project, I was able to build a responsive and efficient application that has the potential to help project managers work more efficiently and effectively.

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